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Saving Money on Generic Drugs

The price disparities between brand name and generic prescriptions can sometimes be unbelievable. For example, a common brand name drug prescribed to lower cholesterol, Zocor (100 pills, 20mg) sells at a local New York City pharmacy for $542.75. At the same quantity and dose, its generic, simvastatin, can be obtained for just $9.90 from a domestic wholesale club pharmacy – a savings of 98%!

Even more surprising are the price disparities among the same generic drugs. When it comes to prices, all generic drugs are not created equal. For example, for a three-month supply of the generic version of Fosamax (70) – called Alendronate  – the price is $170.99 at one local pharmacy, while at another it’s $137.49. At the price is $17.00!! (more…)

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