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The price disparities between brand name and generic prescriptions can sometimes be unbelievable. For example, a common brand name drug prescribed to lower cholesterol, Zocor (100 pills, 20mg) sells at a local New York City pharmacy for $542.75. At the same quantity and dose, its generic, simvastatin, can be obtained for just $9.90 from a domestic wholesale club pharmacy – a savings of 98%!

Even more surprising are the price disparities among the same generic drugs. When it comes to prices, all generic drugs are not created equal. For example, for a three-month supply of the generic version of Fosamax (70) – called Alendronate  – the price is $170.99 at one local pharmacy, while at another it’s $137.49. At the price is $17.00!!

It’s also critical to know that, unlike brand name drugs, generic drugs are often cheaper, sometimes much cheaper, at U.S. pharmacies than at Canadian or other international pharmacies. However, for brand name drugs, Canadian pharmacies and other international pharmacies can be on average 73% less expensive.

Even if brand name drugs are less expensive abroad, if your doctor prescribes the generic version, your best deal may be just around the corner at the local Wal-mart, Target or Walgreen’s that offers 30-day and 90-day supplies of hundreds of generics for $4 and $10, respectively. Such programs are widely available, but they don’t cover all drugs. To find out which are covered, you may find information online at the pharmacy’s website or simply by calling the pharmacy to inquire.

If your nearby pharmacy doesn’t offer a generic program, or if they do and your prescription isn’t included, it’s helpful to know that wholesale club pharmacies offer rock bottom prices, and began doing so long before the $4 programs became available. For example, many three-month generic supplies can be obtained at Costco Pharmacy for just under $10.

To make sure you’re saving the most money possible, it’s a good idea to compare prices online among verified online pharmacies. publishes price comparisons on brand and generic drugs from both domestic and international pharmacies.

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