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Average Online Pharmacy Savings of 87% to Help Americans Afford Medication Under Obamacare

Insured Americans, including those on Medicare, too often find that the brand name drugs they are prescribed are not covered by their plans. That population of underinsured Americans may increase under Obamacare. Fortunately, they will find that drug prices offered by international online pharmacies are often 87% lower than their local pharmacies. These prices seem too good to be true, so you might be asking how this is possible. It’s simple: governments in other countries negotiate with drug companies to keep drug prices affordable. Licensed pharmacies in those countries operate online and by mail-order to serve Americans seeking medications sold here at a much lower price.  Here are the savings on popular drugs:

Prices for a 3-month supply of top-selling brand name medications*

Drug Local Pharmacy Price International Online Pharmacy Price International Online Savings Annual Dollar Savings
Abilify 10 mg+ $2,582.97 $331.20 87.18% $9,007.08
Advair Diskus 250-50 mcg $1,061.97 $108.00 89.83% $3,815.88
Celebrex 200 mg $692.97 $104.00 84.99% $2,355.88
Crestor 20 mg+ $713.97 $74.00 89.64% $2,559.88
Cymbalta 60 mg+ $878.97 $90.00 89.76% $3,155.88
Diovan 160 mg+ $475.99 $62.10 86.95% $1,655.56
Januvia 100 mg+ $1,026.00 $131.40+ 87.19% $3,578.40
Namenda 10 mg++ $1,049.97 $210.60 79.94% $3,357.48
Nexium 40 mg+ $878.97 $67.50 92.32% $3,245.88
Spiriva Handihaler 18 mcg $1,115.97 $132.15 88.16% $3,935.28
Average $1,047.78 $131.10 87.60% $3,666.72

*Sources: Local pharmacy — Rite Aid in New York City; International online pharmacies – lowest prices found on from verified websites. +price calculated from 84 pills. ++price calculated from 100 pills.

Obamacare will help tens of millions of Americans afford prescriptions at the local pharmacy next year, and even more so into the future. However, with 21% of insured Americans going without medication due to high drug prices, we’re proud to offer useful information to help people afford the medication they are prescribed to stay healthy, get better, and live longer.

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Online Pharmacies, the Obama Administration and Public Health

The Obama administration is taking actions to address the illegal sale of counterfeit prescription drugs online. These efforts can benefit patients who could fall victim to rogue online pharmacies, but may also limit access to safe and affordable medication provided by non-U.S. international online pharmacies, many based in Canada. Millions of uninsured and under-insured Americans have purchased prescription drugs through, and relied on, such websites to afford medicine.

Last Monday, the White House Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC), Victoria Espinel, stated that her office was in discussions with Google, Go Daddy, American Express, and Microsoft about cracking down on online pharmacies, and that an announcement about IPEC’s plans moving forward will be made within weeks. This statement seems to be a follow-up to a late-September meeting held by IPEC, which brought together domain registrars and registries to discuss voluntary protocols to combat the sale of non-controlled counterfeit medication online. As we reported, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) notably declined its invitation to attend this meeting, and at least one of its attendees, Go Daddy general counsel Christine Jones, as reported on Domain Incite, communicated that intellectual property protection was not discussed and voluntary protocols were not agreed to. Jones also shared her understanding that an “FDA solution” might be used to combat counterfeit drugs being sold online. Espinel’s statement last week suggests the same. (more…)

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