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Canadian Pharmacies and Personal Drug Importation Play Critical Role in Greater Healthcare Benefits for Americans

At the beginning of the 21st century, what started out as a trickle of American seniors buying drugs in Canada in order to save money, turned into millions of Americans over the past decade buying their drugs from Canadian and other international pharmacies. At that time, the demand was largely due to the fact that Medicare did not include a drug benefit, and tens of millions of seniors had to pay entirely out-of-pocket for their prescriptions drugs. Not only has this industry helped millions of Americans afford prescription drugs and created public awareness about international drug price disparities, but it has affected U.S. healthcare policy, leading to greater health coverage. (more…)

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AARP Honors Senator Snowe Citing Efforts to Increase Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs

One of the co-sponsors of the Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act, with Senator Byron Dorgan, was recently honored for “her ongoing advocacy of policies and initiatives that seek to improve the lives of older Americans age 50-plus.” Senator Olympia Snowe (R – ME) was awarded the 2009 Legislative Leadership Award by AARP for her support and efforts toward quality healthcare, especially affordable prescription drugs. This shows just how concerned our leading senior’s organization is with high cost of prescription drugs in this country. That AARP’s focus was on Snowe’s efforts to legalize safe personal drug importation speaks volumes that this issue will persist in the aftermath of the new healthcare legislation.

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