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We discovered today that someone has maliciously published a website at the web address that mimics the exact look of  Please be aware that this website is in no way associated with, LLC and has misappropriated our content.  We are taking the necessary actions to have this website taken down as fast as possible.

UPDATED 5/27/2016: The domain registrar took swift action to take down the rogue website.

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Tagged with: Opposition to “Stop Online Piracy Act” Featured On CBS Florida Affiliate

The “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA), currently before Congress, threatens online access to safe and affordable medication through reputable international online pharmacies. A CBS-Fort Myers report gives a human face to this issue by highlighting a Floridian senior, Mary Miller, who is able to afford her medication only because of a Canadian online pharmacy. If SOPA passes, Ms. Miller may lose access to that Canadian online pharmacy. The CBS report features as the lead organization helping Americans rally to contact their elected officials to oppose SOPA.

Stopping rogue sites in many areas, such as those sites that steal and re-sell copyrighted movies and music, sell knockoffs of designer handbags and clothes, and especially those that sell dangerous or fake medication is the right idea. But a bill that could takedown many websites that are exercising the rights of free speech, publishing music and movies legally, and especially websites selling safe and affordable medication, is a bill that should be abandoned post-haste. should be loudly applauded for its work on behalf of Americans who are struggling to afford medication by educating Americans about SOPA and how it could block access to affordable prescription medication.

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