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More Fake DEA Scams Linked with Rogue Online Pharmacies

The dangers of “rogue” international online pharmacies that sell fake or substandard medication go beyond just those affecting your health. Rogues are also known for playing loose with your personal information, including fraudulently charging your credit card or even selling the information to other scammers.

The DEA has issued a press release warning about criminals impersonating DEA special agents in an attempt to extort Americans who may have purchased medication from disreputable websites. The scammers, posing as DEA agents, call consumers and inform them that they have committed a crime in their online or telephone purchase of pharmaceuticals, sometimes citing illegal drug importation. The scammer then insists that the consumer pay a “fine” or face criminal prosecution. The reality is that DEA agents will never personally call a person to demand any form of payment. If you receive one of these bogus calls just refuse their demand and report the rogue activity to the DEA.

Keep in mind that the DEA is primarily concerned with controlled substances, such as Ambien and Oxycontin. Any penalties for ordering non-controlled medication would be served by the FDA and the FDA has never prosecuted or fined an individual for personally importing medications.

This scam is nothing new, and is a reminder that Americans looking to purchase medication from international online pharmacies should be aware of the difference between a potentially dangerous pharmacy and a legitimate one. You can view information on how to identify a fake online pharmacy here. Also, keep in mind that reputable international online pharmacies do not sell controlled drugs to Americans.

If you’re looking for a safe, international online pharmacy, one that will only sell you genuine medication and protract your personal and financial information, then stick to sites. You can view a list of some verified pharmacies on our website.

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Online Pharmacy Telephone Scam Alert Reported

Buyer beware! Or, more accurately, buyer, don’t buy when you receive an unsolicited phone call from someone trying to sell you medication! Recently, a consumer reported her experience with a costly online pharmacy scam to

The site visitor, who received a phone call from a website she identified as RX-Refill (or, RXREFILL) wrote: “I was given a pretty good price; told to pay through Western Union; and make the payment out to a Steve G. Polero in Manila, Philippines 1001.”

She continues… “Gads, I should have known. I have since phoned Western Union and all they told me was that someone from Makati (just outside of Manila) picked up the money on December 10, 2012.” Unsurprisingly, this visitor still has not received her prescription refill! And if she had received her order, we would caution her that the drugs could very well be fake.

While in retrospect many of the signs point to don’t buy – what this consumer did is a common mistake. The website she used did not have a physical address posted; it’s phone number was connected to a location in the U.S. but the Western Union mailing address was in the Philippines. Also, the site that the scam phone caller claimed to be calling from did not have the Verification Seal or VIPPS certification: a red light.

There are many safe online pharmacy options, domestic and foreign – shop wisely by looking for trustworthy seals. Make sure to validate the seals by clicking on them to know that they are authentic, which means hosted by the organization issuing the seal.

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