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Puerto Rico’s Tragedy Hits Home with Potential Drug Shortages: Will Your Medications Still Be Readily Available?

Puerto Rican FlagThe FDA has just announced that the next few weeks may spell shortages of some critical, life-saving medications. Why? Well, a lot of pharmaceuticals you rely on here in the U.S. are manufactured in Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory which was tragically hit—and hit hard— by Hurricane Maria.  If your medication is not available on U.S. pharmacy shelves, then you may be able to find it online, where it may be stocked internationally, but make sure to stick to pharmacy websites verified by PharmacyChecker.

According to the NY Times, there are 80 plants in PR that make drugs for the U.S., including Xarelto and Humira, accounting for $15 billion in sales last year. The industry states (more…)

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