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President Obama Gave Up Call for Personal Drug Importation in Deal with Pharma Industry, According to Newly Released Documents

It’s unfortunate, but now documented, that President Obama, who initially supported personal drug importation as a policy to lower drug prices, changed direction as part of a deal to gain the pharmaceutical industry’s support for his larger health care initiative. The details came out last week, as described in a New York Times article “Obama Was Pushed by Drug Industry, E-Mails Suggest.

We hope that President Obama will return to supporting personal drug importation as the problem of high drug prices persists and tens of millions of Americans are going without needed medication. Although not publicly supporting it, fortunately, the government’s longstanding policy is not to interfere with individuals getting prescription medications from abroad. You can get information on licensed pharmacies and their drug prices on

There are legislative actions in the works that could lead to a more aggressive enforcement policy through which personally imported medication could be destroyed. Americans can stop this from happening. Take action through to tell your elected officials where you stand.

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