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How to Save 85% on Abilify

Abilify is a top selling brand name medication used to treat a variety of conditions for various age groups, including schizophrenia for ages 13 and older, bipolar I disorder for ages 10 and over, and major depressive disorder in adults. Unfortunately, it’s a very expensive drug, but luckily there are ways to save thousands of dollars a year.

In 2011, Americans spent over 5.2 billion dollars on Abilify. Its cash price at a local pharmacy for a three-month’s supply of 10 milligram tablets is just over $2,200. Luckily, if you’re looking for Abilify and don’t have insurance (or if your insurance doesn’t cover it) you don’t have to pay this high price! The savings are by far greatest online, but if you need your medicine immediately and can’t wait 2-3 weeks for shipping, you can use a coupon or discount card at your local pharmacy.

By using a coupon at your local pharmacy, you can save about 16%, bringing the 90 day cost down to $1,858. Using a discount card brings slightly better savings at 22% and a 90 day cost of $1,737.

That’s still a lot of money to spend per year on medication. By ordering through an international online pharmacy, you can save 85%, and spend only $330 over 90 days. The annualized potential savings are $7,535! Here’s a handy chart that shows the savings:

Three-Month’s Supply of Abilify (10 mg) Cost

Price Savings over Local Pharmacy Percent Savings
Local Pharmacy: $2,214
Discount Card Option: $1,737 $477 22%
Coupon Option $1,858 $356 16%
U.S. Online Pharmacy: $1,778 $436 20%
International Online Pharmacy $330 $1,184 81%

Local pharmacy in New York City, International Online Pharmacy price as found on Prices collected 10/24/2012

If you choose to order online, make sure the pharmacy is verified as safe by a third party, such as those listed on Here are links to our price comparisons for the different strengths of Abilify:

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Candidate Rick Santorum Defends High Drug Prices In America

During a recent campaign appearance in front of a Tea Party crowd, as reported by ABC News, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told a mother and her sick son that high drug costs are fair because they are determined by free market forces. It appears that Mr. Santorum doesn’t understand the crisis of prescription drug prices and that the market is failing to price prescription drugs within reach for 10s of millions of Americans.

According to ABC News, “Santorum told a large Tea Party crowd here that he sympathized with the boy’s case, but he also believed in the marketplace,” and that companies wouldn’t be making the life-saving drugs if they didn’t believe they would turn a profit doing so. The former senator from Pennsylvania seemed to be lecturing the American people when he said: “People have no problem paying $900 for an iPad…but paying $900 for a drug they have a problem with — it keeps you alive. Why? Because you’ve been conditioned to think health care is something you can get without having to pay for it.” (more…)

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