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I just love this! A new post on the Ask PharmacyChecker resource section is called “How to Get a 99% Off Your Prescription (without ordering from Canada).” Taking a break from the politics and policy I find myself writing about on these blog pages, I want to brag about PharmacyChecker’s domestic savings. More than ever, if an American compares drug prices on, they will learn that most generic drugs are far cheaper domestically than in Canada – or, in some cases, even India. The PharmacyChecker Discount Card helps people in the U.S. afford medication at their local pharmacy. 

Many of you know that prices on the same brand name drugs sold outside the U.S. are often 90% lower. The only thing crazier than those price discrepancies are the generic drug price discrepancies within America, in the same state, town, even on the same street! [Keep in mind, we’re talking about cash-paying customers: People without health insurance or those with health insurance who can pay less out-of-pocket.]

For example: According to Ask PharmacyChecker, “A consumer saved 99% off 88 tablets of generic Cialis (tadalafil) at Greenleaf Pharmacy in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.” This is not potential savings – this is the actual savings that a person achieved using the PharmacyChecker Discount Card. The average U.S. retail price for 88 pills of tadalafil is $7,376.01. I know how stupid that sounds but it’s true. Joe Saver (fake name) from Hastings-on-Hudson paid only $48.30. Not too good to be true: true.

As stated above, generic drug prices with a discount card can be so low that the deals are better than you find at an Indian pharmacy! Take the cholesterol drug, ezetimibe (generic Zetia). A price comparison search for ezetimibe on PharmacyChecker shows 90 pills for $21.65 at a pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY using the PharmacyChecker Discount Card. Compare that to the price charged by the lowest cost PharmacyChecker-accredited Indian pharmacy with shipping: $26.76.

No need for drug importation or online pharmacies when the U.S. prices are so low.