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Millions of people are dying because they are not getting the healthcare they need and that includes prescription drugs. New research has made a slam dunk case for why international online pharmacy options are needed urgently. We can’t allow drug companies to continue fooling the public about drug importation. 

A Gallup Poll survey announced yesterday found that 34 million Americans know someone who died because they could not afford medical treatments. That doesn’t mean prescription drug affordability specifically was the cause. In fact, the Gallup Poll lacks details about what kinds of medical treatments were too expensive. However, the poll identifies that a rising percentage of Americans are reporting going without prescriptions because of cost: from 18.9% in January to 22.9% in September of 2019. That would be about 58 million Americans who say they did not fill a prescription in the past 12 months because of cost. Since pharmacies in other countries charge much lower prices, and properly credentialed international online pharmacies make those drugs available, the veracity of the title of this blog post is undeniable.

We know that people are dying because they can’t afford treatments such as prescription medication, but we don’t know how many. Dr. Nicky J. Mehtani, a resident physician at Johns Hopkins Hospital, knows empirically. She writes in the Baltimore Sun about how she was asked by a 16 year old grandson how his grandmother died. Her answer, cardiac arrest, was not a lie. But according to Dr. Mehtani:

“But, in medical school, they never teach us how to tell our patients or their grieving family members that an ‘inability to afford medications’ is a possible — if not common — cause of death.”

According to a Congressional report by the House Ways and Means Committee, drug prices are almost 75% lower on average in other high-income countries. These same drugs with lower prices are available online. It’s a fact. Yet the FDA tells Americans that lower drug prices online must be too good to be true. How many people have been scared away from affordable imported medicines by pharma-funded experts that conflate safe international online pharmacies with counterfeit drug sellers and the opioid crisis? How many have died?

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