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Crestor is one of the most popular cholesterol lowering medications in a group of drugs called statins. It treats a variety of conditions, including hyperlipidemia, mixed dyslipidemia, and hypertriglyceridemia. In 2011, Crestor was the second most popular statin by spending in the U.S. Americans spent $4.4 billion dollars on it. The first was Lipitor on which Americans spent $7.7 billion dollars. You can save thousands of dollars a year by shopping for Crestor online.

Even though Lipitor is now available in a cheaper generic form, the same is not true for Crestor. It will remain expensive, and many Americans will face high prices for Crestor at the pharmacy.

At a local U.S. pharmacy, 90 pills of Crestor 10 mg cost over $600; at the lowest-priced international online pharmacy it’s only $52.20 — a 92% savings. Over one year, that’s just over $2,300!

If you can’t wait a few weeks for the shipping and delivery of your medicine, then you should look for discounts at your local pharmacy. We found that using a drug discount card can save you 29%, and a drug coupon can save you 39%. Check out our table below to see the savings.

If you need your medicine immediately, use either the discount card or coupon. When it comes time to refill, you could order through an international online pharmacy. Just make sure it’s approved. No matter what you do, don’t stop taking your physician-prescribed medicine.

Savings on 90 Pills of Crestor 10 mg

Program Price Savings over Local Pharmacy Percent savings
U.S. Local Pharmacy $632.97
Discount Card Option $471.71 $161.26 25%
Discount Coupon Option $388.23 $244.74 39%
U.S. Online Pharmacy $472.26 $160.71 25%
International Online Pharmacy $52.20 $580.77 92%

Local pharmacy in New York City, International Online Pharmacy price as found on Prices collected 11/26/2012. International Online Pharmacy prices calculated from 84 pills.

If you are looking for Crestor in other strengths, look at these pricing charts:

Crestor 5 mg
Crestor 10 mg
Crestor 20 mg
Crestor 40 mg

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