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Symbicort is one of the most popular medications used for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD affect over 13 million adults in the U.S., and is responsible for over 100,000 deaths annually. Unfortunately, Symbicort is expensive in the U.S. It’s just under $1,000 for a three –month supply at a local pharmacy in New York, and no low-cost generic is available. Though the manufacturer offers 1 free inhaler for a patient’s first prescription, the annual cost of Symbicort would still be around $3,500.

You can reduce your Symbicort costs by as much as 85% by ordering through a verified online international pharmacy, bringing your annual cost down to as little as $552. View our savings comparisons below.

For a list of approved pharmacies, click here, or view Symbicort prices here.

Prices and Savings on Symbicort 160 mcg/4.5 mcg (3 inhalers, 120 doses per inhaler):


Program Price Savings Compared to Local Price
U.S. Local Pharmacy $950.99
Discount Card Price at U.S. Pharmacy $765.68 19%
International Online Pharmacy* $138.00 85%

Prices as of 7/17/2013. Local pharmacy in New York City. Discount card price from International Online Pharmacy price is lowest listed of listed pharmacies.

*Drug is the same as sold in U.S. but may be sold under a different brand name



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