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There’s Rx Savings for Americans in Canada and Elsewhere If Needed!

Last week, we issued our first quarterly International Drug Price Savings Report, which showed that American consumers can potentially save, on average, 70% on 20 top-prescribed brand name drugs when buying from a Canadian pharmacy approved in our Verification Program. The report shows international pharmacy savings by country or group of countries: U.S., Canada, Australia/New Zealand/UK, India, and Turkey. We intend to issue this savings report every three months.

We chose the 20 medications based on IMS Health data on the most popularly prescribed non-controlled medications in 2015, and the prices were collected during February and March 2017. Ten of the medications are available in the U.S. as a generic, in which case American consumers will often – but not always – find the lowest prices locally.

See the full prescription savings report.

The greatest savings from Canada was 90% on Celebrex 200mg (celecoxib), 92 cents a pill vs. $9.40 in the U.S.

The highest potential savings, 97%, was for the drug Crestor 10mg (Rosuvastatin). The per pill price from a pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY was $10.31 compared to 40 cents per pill from an Indian pharmacy. From Canada, the per pill price was $2.19, a 79% savings.

The price of Nexium 40mg (esomeprazole) in Turkey, the second highest potential savings, was 96% lower than in the U.S: 36 cents vs. $9.54 per pill. The lowest price for the generic version sold in Brooklyn, NY as of today is $1.31 per pill, about four times higher than the brand in Turkey.

Drug prices were not necessarily lower in Turkey or India than the other, richer, countries in the report. The potential savings was highest in the grouping of countries Australia/New Zealand/UK for the drug Advair Diskus 250/50mcg (fluticasone/salmeterol), 85%: $72.47 vs. $418 in the U.S. for a three-month supply. The cost was $111.60, $95, and $95 in Canada, Turkey and India, respectively.

The price analysis was only on brand name drugs, most manufactured by or under license to well-known pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi.

As a reminder, international online pharmacies verified in our program often process prescription orders filled by pharmacies in several countries, not just Canada. However, if you’re looking to buy your medication only from a Canadian pharmacy, you can do so by requesting it when you place your order with Canadian online pharmacies.

People who import small quantities of medication for personal use only are not prosecuted for doing so but it remains technically illegal under most circumstances. Properly credentialed international online pharmacies, including those approved in our program, require a valid prescription and sell lawfully manufactured medication and meet high standards of pharmacy practice. Rogue online pharmacies don’t require a prescription and are more likely to sell you counterfeit or low quality medications, so stick to verified sites.

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