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Getting a Paper Prescription from Your Doctor in Florida. PharmacyChecker Answers.

Question: My doctor in Florida insists that all prescriptions be sent electronically to the pharmacy. I prefer to have a paper prescription in order to shop around for the best price. What can I do?

Answer: While most states have provisions allowing electronic prescribing, and some have extremely strict requirements mandating their use, all have exceptions that allow consumer choice. CEO Tod Cooperman, MD, wrote about this issue in an earlier blog post as it relates to electronic prescribing in the State of New York. But what about Florida?

Here’s the good news! Florida law stateselectronic prescribing shall not interfere with a patient’s freedom to choose a pharmacy.”

The main reason that states have adopted rules to encourage electronic prescribing is to prevent the abuse of prescription narcotics, which is a national epidemic.


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Major Physician’s Organization, ACP: Importing Medication Makes Sense

doctorEarlier this week one of the largest medical organizations in the country, the American College of Physicians, published a position paper on ways to stem the rising cost of prescription medication in the U.S. Some of the recommendations in this article include requiring greater transparency in the cost of developing drugs, taking into account the cost-effectiveness of treatment when evaluating drugs, and allowing government agencies to negotiate volume discounts for prescription drugs.

The ACP report also recommends looking at legislation that would allow the reimportation of some drugs manufactured in the United States. One study it cites claims a 24% savings when using Canadian pharmacies versus local U.S. chain drugstores. According to our research, the savings can often be far greater, sometimes more than 90% when using a verified international online pharmacy! would like to applaud the efforts of this physicians’ group in finding new and better ways to lower prescription costs for consumers.