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Published by: is now touting two new features exclusively for curious consumers and their advocates visiting our site. We couldn’t be prouder and all around excited to share this with you. These sections will undoubtedly aid in our aim for increased transparency and safety when it comes to verifying online pharmacies because not all online pharmacies are created equal, and our consumers should be fully aware of the risks and rewards of purchasing affordable medication online, including from Canadian pharmacies and abroad.

In addition to the growing Ask PharmacyChecker section, we have just added a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers questions designed not only to enlighten existing users but also to inform new visitors on what is all about: verifying online pharmacies so you have the information needed to safely buy prescription medication online!

Ask PharmacyChecker

Ask PharmacyChecker ensures that you get the answers you need from our team of medical and pharmacy professionals and advocates, so you can feel at ease knowing you have a team behind you. Our panel of experts will contact you to directly answer your questions, and, if the inquiry is unique and likely to interest a wider audience, we’ll publish it live on our site!


Frequently Asked Questions are usually a staple section on modern websites. Even though we’ve been around for over 14 years, until just last week, there was no FAQ section on Well, consider us running with the big dogs now!  We didn’t do this sooner because we felt that our About Online Pharmacies section informed consumers comprehensively about buying medication online, safety, regulations and related issues. That section is still immensely informative, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the convenience of a shortlist of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. We have now crafted 15 incredibly helpful answers to increase user experience, clarifying how comparing prices of online pharmacies on is both reliable and easy.

At, informed consumers are the driving force of our passion for access to affordable medication, Internet freedom and consumer choice. YOU, the informed, empowered, intelligent and motivated consumers, equipped with the power of the Internet and need for lower drug prices, have opened up the international pharmacy marketplace – a boon to public health and economic fairness and freedom.

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