We’re proud to announce our support for RxRights (www.RxRights.org), a non-profit group dedicated to protecting access to safe and affordable personal drug importation through verified online pharmacies.  PharmacyChecker.com is a coalition member of RxRights.org, which harnesses the non-profit community and American consumers in a shared effort to stand up and demand that our leaders listen to the American people instead of playing to the dictates of the pharmaceutical industry.

Go to RxRights.org advocacy campaign page, to send a message to your elected representatives.  Tell them that the U.S. government should not take actions that could block access to safe and affordable medication.


9 Responses to “RxRights.org – Giving a Voice to Americans Struggling to Afford Prescription Medication”

  1. Jeanie A. Pasqualine says:

    Please include my husband and myself with those who WANT AND NEED access to order medications from Vancouver, Canada. The “Medicare Group”, as it were, should not be lost in the shuffle of Americans who need help. That is beyond ludicrous. Why should we not have as much help as we can possibly get? Perhaps the government should stay out of it. Perhaps, also, he government would have its hands full just working on hor to NOT

  2. Jeanie A. Pasqualine says:

    Please do NOT exclude the “Medicare Group” from those Americans who need help and support. Please do not try to keep us from ordering our medications (whenever possible) from Vancouver Canada. Are there not more issues for the government to peruse…i.e., all the goods made in China and received from China? Ludicrous is all I can say. Leave the medical field as it is…..not under the government….not Socialized Medicine.

    Thank you (I hope)
    Jeanie A. Pasqualine, R.N.

  3. Donna Morris says:

    I want and need access to affordable medication! If the pharmaceutical companies in the United States were not in bed with the government
    maybe prices would be affordable. I should have the right to choose. I thought we lived in a free country. At 62 hrs.old I am beginning to think I was wrong. Lets change Congress why should they be voted into office one time only and stay their lifetimes are any of them better than the President? Let’s be honest here are they better than you or I? I think not!!!

  4. Gregory says:

    Why are those taking lifetime drugs being subjected to pay for the same products in USA but at about 300 % higher prices?
    We as Americans should be free to spend OUR money how and where we want.
    Congress and the representatives of the White House need to focus on the USA pharmacies not charging so d** n much, so our money will stay here.
    REALLY people put a cap on it and look at the “in house problem” first

  5. Ed Golenda says:

    I need access to a pharmacy that is afforadable. I will be forced to not take my drugs if there is a law passed to make Canadian drugs not avalible.
    I do not have the benefits my Congressmen or Senators have nor federal wokers.
    Try working on important item and don’t listen to these lazy ass lobbiest, we do know they are the ones pushing for this.Work for the people not these lobbiest.

  6. I cannot get my meds in gerenic form and cannot afford the other

  7. meds.

    they cost way too much

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  9. David K says:

    They take an take and try to arrange groups of people . I need to be able to acquire meds from across the border. I save about 38% vs state side. This allows me to afford another Rx that I need to help prevent stroke.

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