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The LegitScript network of “approved” online pharmacies includes connections to rogue pharmacies, although this is something that LegitScript prefers not to disclose. In 2008, Cardinal Health, which has a number of LegitScript-approved Internet Pharmacies within its retail network, paid a settlement of $34 million to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for allegedly shipping controlled substances to illegitimate online pharmacies. According to then DEA Acting Administrator Michele M. Leonhart:

“Cardinal’s negligent conduct contributed to our nation’s serious pharmaceutical abuse problem. This substantial civil penalty underscores DEA’s determination to prevent pharmaceutical diversion and protect the public health and safety by continuing to hold companies responsible if they fail to fulfill their obligations under the Controlled Substance Act.”

Then, in February 2010, Cardinal Health Pharmacy Services paid  $1 million in a civil suit for failing to account for the whereabouts of a large quantity of prescription drugs; including 400,000 dosage units of hydrocodone, narcotic, and 234,00 units of alprazolam, both addictive controlled substances. In this instance, Cardinal claimed it had done nothing wrong and fired two employees it claimed were responsible for the illegally diverted products. One of the fired employees was sentenced to three years in jail.

Our purpose is not to suggest that LegitScript terminate the memberships of the online pharmacies in the Cardinal network, as these online pharmacies are not believed to have had involvement in Cardinal’s misdeeds. Our purpose is to point out the hypocrisy in LegitScript’s activities. Since its founding, LegitScript  has focused much effort on scaring consumers away from safe and affordable pharmacies outside the U.S., citing risks of rogue pharmacies and illegal practices.  Meanwhile, Cardinal, whose  own pharmacies are LegitScript approved, was supplying millions of dollars worth of controlled substances to rogue online pharmacies in the United States! Did LegitScript bother to expose or publicize this? No. We challenge LegitScript to explain why not.

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