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The new healthcare reform law offers significant prescription drug discounts for Medicare Drug Plan enrollees who fall into the coverage gap, also known as the “doughnut hole.” In 2011, you’ll get a 50% discount on brand name drugs, and by 2020, 75% of your drug bill will be covered through the gap.

But what about now?

The most immediate relief you’ll get is $250 to help you pay for your drugs through the doughnut hole in 2010. If you’re facing the full $3,610 abyss of the hole, $250 is not a lot of money. However, there are very practical ways to afford your prescription drugs. What ever you do, don’t skip taking your medications. See our Safe Strategies For Drug Savings.

You may also want to look at consumer ratings of the drug plans on our sister website

Overall, down the road, the new law will give our seniors much greater peace of mind about prescription drug costs, and that’s great news.

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