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To launch our new blog, we thought we’d get to the heart of the matter. Prescription drug prices are out of reach for almost half the country. Brand name drugs are, on average, 50% higher in the United States than other countries. In fact, when comparing prescription drug prices online, the savings outside the U.S. are over 70%. That is the main reason Americans have turned to online pharmacies and personal drug importation.

Are we exaggerating the desperation surrounding prescription drug prices and affordability? Let’s look to the experts who do not have a financial interest in this area. A study released by Harvard University found that 40% of Americans, about 120,000,000 people, struggle to pay their drug bills, skip taking their prescriptions, or decrease their prescribed dosage due to cost concerns. Skipping medications and not following your doctors dosage instructions can lead to sickness and death. Most of the 120 million Americans feeling squeezed do not have health insurance, are seniors in the Medicare drug plan coverage gap, or have insurance that doesn’t adequately cover the drugs they need.

If you are having trouble affording prescription drugs, see our Safe Strategies for Savings, which reviews the gamut of opportunities available to you including: verified low-cost online pharmacies (US, Canadian, and other), US pharmacy chain $4 generic drug programs, pharmaceutical industry drug programs, and discount cards. Americans are shouting “S.O.S.” and these savings strategies are a lifeline to them.


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