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Last May, we reported that AARP honored Senator Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) for her ongoing advocacy of policies and initiatives that seek to improve the lives of Americans age 50-plus. The award specifically mentioned her efforts to make safe drug importation legal and more available to help more Americans afford their medication. In our post on this recognition, we predicted that the issue of access to safe drugs would persist in the aftermath of the new healthcare legislation, and we’re now happy to announce that last week Senator Snowe put legalizing drug importation back on the Senate’s agenda.

Senator Snowe has introduced legislation that would amend the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic act to facilitate drug importation that would effectively lower prescription drug prices. Additionally, the bill would increase U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspections of international manufacturing plants. S. 319, the proposed Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act of 2011, is similar to Senator Snowe’s co-sponsored bill from 2009, also known as the Dorgan Amendment. For more information on the Senator’s past support for personal drug importation, see our post Canadian Pharmacies and Personal Drug Importation Play Critical Role in Greater Healthcare Benefits for Americans.

Millions of Americans have already imported prescription medication safely by ordering from verified and reputable online pharmacies that require a prescription. Without access to imported medicine, many of these patients would otherwise skip pills or go without medication. There seems to be momentum within Congress to facilitate greater access to safe and affordable medication through drug importation for such Americans. Along with Senator Snowe, Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Ron Paul have expressed support for legalizing drug importation this year.

President Obama, in an interview on You Tube, also indicated his interest in re-visiting drug importation as a means to lower drug prices at home. On that note, we’re hoping the president comes out in support of drug importation legislation as soon as possible.

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