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Fighting Big Pharma: Business Leaders, Social Justice Organizations, Public Health Experts & Internet Freedom Activists Have PharmacyChecker’s Back

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In America, tens of millions of people are skipping necessary medications because the prices are too high. PharmacyChecker exists to help people, mostly Americans, find prescription drug safety and savings information on the Internet. Founded in 2002, our greatest accomplishment is verifying and identifying the safest international online pharmacies, sites that process orders filled by licensed pharmacies in Canada and different countries that require a prescription. We’re bestknown for comparing drug prices among properly credentialed online pharmacies.

This week the Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation (BLHCT) sent a letter to the CEO of Microsoft, signed by over 1,100 business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs and nearly 40 non-profit organizations:

“We do not all believe that having to personally import prescription medicines, using online pharmacies or otherwise, is the best solution for high drug prices in America, but we all recognize that it can be done safely and is a lifeline for many. To that effect, PharmacyChecker plays a valuable role in protecting consumers’ safety.”

The elephant in the room here: personal importation of prescription drugs is technically illegal under most circumstances. We get that. Still, millions of Americans buy medications from other countries each year, often online, because of cost and they are never prosecuted for doing so. Here’s the thing: We don’t sell medication, process or distribute prescription drugs in any manner. We verify and provide information. Period.


PharmacyChecker Helps Americans Save 99% on Medications… Domestically

I just love this! A new post on the Ask PharmacyChecker resource section is called “How to Get a 99% Off Your Prescription (without ordering from Canada).” Taking a break from the politics and policy I find myself writing about on these blog pages, I want to brag about PharmacyChecker’s domestic savings. More than ever, if an American compares drug prices on, they will learn that most generic drugs are far cheaper domestically than in Canada – or, in some cases, even India. The PharmacyChecker Discount Card helps people in the U.S. afford medication at their local pharmacy. 

Many of you know that prices on the same brand name drugs sold outside the U.S. are often 90% lower. The only thing crazier than those price discrepancies are the generic drug price discrepancies within America, in the same state, town, even on the same street! [Keep in mind, we’re talking about cash-paying customers: People without health insurance or those with health insurance who can pay less out-of-pocket.]


Americans Should Get Waivers to Import Medication From Canada

Trump’s executive order on drug importation directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to grant waivers expressly allowing personal drug importation. Unlike most of his executive orders, this one is fully consistent with federal law [18 USC 384(J)] (“Part J”). During the executive order signing ceremony a few weeks back, HHS Secretary Alex Azar bragged about Trump’s willingness to move forward on personal importation:

“Presidents before you have promised over and over again to allow importation; the safe importation of drugs from lower cost countries, you’re the first present to deliver on it.”

Not so fast! The executive order does empower greater action on Part J but a next step is where the rubber hits the road. What Americans want now, Republicans and Democrats among them, is to receive those waivers!