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According to the New York Times, about 40 million Americans take cholesterol medications that include chemical entities called statins (the class of drug which lowers plasma cholesterol) — that’s over 10% of the U.S. population! The high cost of some statin-based drugs can deter patients from filling their doctor-prescribed cholesterol medication. Prescription non-adherence for cholesterol medication can be extremely dangerous because studies show that high-cholesterol increases the risk for heart attacks and strokes.

We’ve done some valuable homework on cholesterol drug prices to benefit American consumers struggling to afford such medications. Filling your doctors prescriptions is essential for your health (and when it comes to cholesterol drugs, for your heart) and cost should not inhibit you from doing so.

Cholesterol Drug, Quantity – Distributor Local New York Retail PharmacyLowest Price from a Verified Online PharmacyPotential Online Savings, from the U.S. or Abroad
Lipitor (Brand), 20mg – Pfizer$470.69$85.7081.8%
Crestor (Brand), 20mg – AstraZeneca$447.69$148.50*66.9%
Zocor (Brand), 20mg – Merck$503.89$52.20*89.7%
Vytorin (Brand), 10-20mg – $423.00$191.70*54.7%
Simvastatin (Generic), 20mg – IVAX Pharmaceuticals$144.00$9.90+93.2%
Lovastatin (Generic), 20mg – Merck$133.00$9.90+92.6%
Pravastatin (Generic), 20mg – Bristol-Myers Squibb$155.89$9.90+93.7%
*Cost per pill based on 84 pills
+Cost per pill based on 100 pills
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