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Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb says ‘Canadians have safe drugs’

Americans who have been relying on trips to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs may not be able to do so for about a month, but really who knows how long. As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada agreed to close the border yesterday to all but “essential” travel.

SPECIAL NOTE: On this blog I’m sometimes a bit snarky in poking fun at drug companies, drug company-funded groups and the FDA when it comes to their public education information about drug importation and buying drugs online. But let’s face it: we need drug companies and the FDA more than ever right now, and I wish them Godspeed in efforts to find and approve treatments to fight COVID-19. Within that spirit of coming together, I’ll continue to raise the same issues found on this blog.

When the border re-opens, the FDA should immediately, expressly permit personal drug imports from Canada. I’m not talking about “Canadian online pharmacies” or buying on the Internet. I do believe people should be able to do that as well, but my focus for this post is on border crossing prescription drug imports by individuals from Canada.